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Shelby AckeR

A lifelong athlete, Shelby began her journey in youth athletics. Years of high level youth and high school sports led her to Southwest Minnesota State University in pursuit of collegiate softball and studying exercise science. After a four-year career pitching for the softball program, Shelby graduated and continued onward toward a graduate degree in sport psychology. 

As a coach in the youth and high school sphere in southern Wisconsin, Shelby has been witness to the significant need for mental skill growth in all student-athletes.

Her focuses lie in coaching people to thrive under pressure, build confidence and empowerment, and manage performance arousal.

As a member of the APA, AASP, and ACSM, Shelby is committed to current, scientific, and clinically proven methods. 


University of

Western States

Master of Science in Sport and Performance Psychology


Minnesota state


Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science with an Allied Health Concentration


Minor in Coaching

core values






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