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The options to grow your mental skillset are endless with Acker Mental Performance. 

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A weekly 5-minute dive into the greatest mental performance has to offer, delivered right to your mailbox. Including tips and tricks, free downloads, journal prompts, monthly giveaways, and more!



For only minutes a day, this program takes you through mindset building activities. From journaling, to gratitude reflection, and all in between, the few moments spent daily add up to a month of exponential mindset growth. 

group sessions

Dynamic sessions with your group or team to dive into all things culture, high level mental performance, and how to implement these skills in your realm. 

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Image by Christin Hume

individual sessions

One-on-one time with Shelby to explore personal and professional mental performance growth tactics. 

Individal and Group Sessions
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team workshops

Options for multi-hour or day workshops covering a variety of topics relevant to your situation. Fully customizable and designed with your growth in mind. 

Large Group Opportunties

large events

An interactive presentation surrounding the "why" behind mental toughness and how you can develop it to succeed.

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